Documents: PDF from InDesign


Electronic documents created with InDesign and saved and shared as PDFs are subject to the same accessibility requirements as websites. InDesign does not automatically create an accessible PDF (also called a tagged pdf), but Adobe has tools that will help you get there.

Who’s affected

Screen reader users, people with low vision, people with cognitive disabilities


Guideline 1.3.1 Info and Relationships 

What to do

As with other document creation tools, the more accessible you make your source document, the easier it’ll be to generate an accessible PDF.

Before you do anything else, get familiar with the accessible document basics.

Within InDesign:

  • Use consistent paragraph styles
  • Set reading order
  • Anchor images in the document flow
  • Set up navigation links
  • Add alt text

Then Export the document to Adobe Acrobat Pro to finish the process


InDesign to accessible pdf guide