Make it Accessible

5 Core skills

The 5 Core skills have the power to dramatically improve the accessibility of your websites, documents, and presentations. 


When building a website, it is important to keep accessibility in mind so that people with disabilities get the information they need. 


While making things accessible doesn’t have to be difficult, remediating inaccessible documents requires more time. By making content that is “born accessible,” you can preserve accessible features across mediums. 

Online Meetings

Virtual events are great tools for accessibility; they remove barriers such as travel, mobility, and cost. 

Online Courses

Designing an accessible course starts with the course design. Think about barriers before you create the course.


The same best practices that make your documents and websites accessible work on Canvas, too. UDOIT and the Accessibility checker can help, but there’s no substitute for knowledge.


Information Technology Services (ITS) and Procurement can help you work with vendors and contractors to get accessible results.

Accessibility First Aid Kit

Our repository of common accessibility issues, solutions and recommended tools

Find more tools and guidance at, the university’s repository for digital accessibility knowledge.