How To: Automatically capture Zoom transcript

Capturing an automatic transcript of an online meeting can benefit people with hearing and auditory processing impairments, those who are neurodivergent, as well as non-disabled people who missed the meeting. It also reduces the cognitive load on the person taking notes in the meeting.

Note: automatic captioning/transcription is not a substitute for live transcription, but it is better than no transcription.

If you configure your Zoom meeting settings appropriately, Zoom can automatically send a meeting transcript to Zoom Cloud. It’ll be available within 24 hours and remain in Zoom’s cloud storage for 150 days.

University Resource:

Zoom Accessibility: ITS site

Zoom tutorials:

Configure Zoom

Log into Zoom’s web interface

From your dashboard, select “Settings” (left column) and “Meeting” (horizontal bar that begins with “General”)

screen capture of Zoom dashboard showing "Settings"  and "Meeting" selected

In the submenu under “Meeting” select “In Meeting (Advanced)” and enable:

  • Manual captions
  • Save captions
  • Automated captions
  • Full transcript
Screen capture of Zoom settings dashboard with Manual Captions,  Automated Captions, Full Transcript and Save Captions enabled

Scroll back to the top of the page and select “Recording” from the horizontal bar that begins with “General.”

Enable Cloud Recording and make sure the box before “Create audio transcript” is checked. (You may choose other cloud recording options, but this is the one that will create your transcript.)

screen capture of Zoom Settings dashboard with cloud recording enabled and multiple checkboxes selected. The create audio transcript option is selected and highlighted

Scroll down to “Automatic Recording” and make sure “Cloud Recording” is checked as your automatic option.

Screen capture of zoom settings dashboard with "Allow cloud recording sharing" enabled and Automatic recording set to "Record in Cloud"

Retrieve your transcript

Processing time for cloud recordings is typically about double the time of the actual meeting, but it can sometimes take up to 24 hours. To check on/manage your recording:

Zoom tutorial: Managing and sharing cloud recordings

Select “Recordings” from the left column.

You’ll see “Cloud Recordings” and “Local Recordings” listed horizontally near the top of the page. Select “Cloud Recordings” if it’s not already selected.

Screen capture of Zoom Recordings configuration with cursor focus on "Cloud Recordings above a list of available recordings

Click on the recording of your choice to see the available files.

Screen capture of the zoom dasdhboard interface for an individual recording. It notes the title and provides options for downloading or sharing a link to various files within the recording.

Select the file(s) you need, download and share as needed.